Thursday, April 26, 2012

Anatomy of a Try

I thought since I took the time to make this, I might as well try and get a post out of it.

This is a clutch I made hoping to adjust this one (Which is missing! Where is it? It ran off with at least one cute hankie and one vintage pocket mirror. Sad.) a tad so that it served more as a wallet. It was not a disaster by any means, but it wasn't quite what I wanted:

  1. I forgot to add the ends to the zipper. This isn't critical, many pouches don't include them, but I really, really like them. I more often than not do one completely wrong thing in any project. Usually I catch myself while a seam ripper can still save me. Not this time.
  2. I thought I'd like it with more of the zipper tape exposed. I do not. I also did this weird thing with gold thread at the end as a zipper stop. I wouldn't have tried this if I hadn't done number 1.
  3. I created a divider on the inside, hoping to separate bills from coins and phone. I'm so-so about it. I also intended to have 3 card slots, stacked and side-by-side, 6 in total. I assumed my 7" zipper was long enough for that, it wasn't. (Three isn't so bad actually, I should carry fewer cards.) 
  4. It's about 2 inches too tall. This makes it dark inside and hard to read the bills and spot quarters from nickels. Maybe if it were shorter I wouldn't mind the divider as much.

I still really love this gold linen though. And there you have it. Not a disaster. Not a success. A try.


  1. Thanks for this post. I'm so used to seeing picture-perfect products on blogs, so it's refreshing to see a (still extremely well-executed!) project that's evolving, that the maker is thinking through. This is much more like my experience of crafting, working things out as I go along, than a straight following of a pattern.

  2. bella, brava, bis, ricordati perĂ² che la zip si apre da sinistra verso destra rispetto al quadrante davanti. ciao ciao Paola

  3. I was already openmouthed in admiration at the mention of a zip . I mean , I can put one in a skirt .... if you're willing to wear a long cardi over it ! ... but putting one in a purse just seems too fiddly .
    And the linen's lovely . Restrained Bling !

  4. A try is always good...often leads to a success next time round...

  5. Lovely linen...and that was a lovely too need to rethink about my sewing perfection..I'm new here and just loved your blog. Thank you

  6. I love the subtle shimmer of the linen. I often have the issue where there is nothing wrong with a project, it just turns out that it doesn't really suit my needs. The clutch is nice though, I'm sure you could get some use out of it :)

  7. Very simple and useful!!! thank you for the idea!

  8. I love how you framed this project. Cheers to an excellent try! And thank you for your previous tutorials on the clutches. I made one for my daughter and we both loved it.