Thursday, July 14, 2011

Envelope Case for Sunglasses

This fabric envelope is a total rip-off of a lovely one that Jessica made me, which I use as a wallet. Since it's not meant to be used as a wallet, and it has no billfold, coin purse, or cardholders, I'm constantly fumbling through it, dropping credit cards, tearing dollar bills, and exclaiming to cashiers about all the Sacagawea dollars I just found in there (!). And I still love it, which means it was a great gift.

I sized this up and elongated it so that it fit my old plastic sunglasses, which I've now broken, and it's slightly too small for the new aviators I just got on sale. (Which will soon also break.) So scale accordingly.

This is so easy! Just take the height of your sunglasses, add about 1/2", and multiply by two to get the height of the rectangle. For the width, use the length of your sunglasses, plus 1/2".

Then add a triangle to the top that's about the height of your glasses. Give 1/2" seam allowances all around. Now draw the same shape over again so you have two of them.

Cut the shapes out, and sew them together, right-sides in. Leave a gap on the bottom so that you'll be able to flip the shape right-side out. Flip, and press.

Guess where the velcro bits should go, and sew them on. Then fold your bag like an envelope, and sew the side edges. That's it! Your cheap aviators may still break eventually, but they won't scratch.


  1. I'm more of a lurker rather than a commenter, but I wanted you both to know that I really like everything you've posted in the past six weeks or so. That's some quality blogging mojo you've got this summer.

  2. Thank you, Kristina! We really appreciate that.