Thursday, January 27, 2011

Oilcloth iPad Case

I thought I'd take a photo with a little context - though this was last weekend before we got nearly a foot more of snow. As you can see, I made another iPad case. The first one was fine really, but when you are using your iPad to surf the internet in the back of meetings, the velcro really gives you away. I'm also, well, me, and I kept spilling things on it and the tan didn't hide as much as I would have liked. But mostly I found this great oilcloth in Austin, Texas and knew immediately I wanted to use it for a case.

Supplies: oil cloth, quilt batting (or felt), gel super clue, sewing machine & thread

I really just went for this without a lot of prep or planning. I didn't take great photos because I wasn't sure it would turn out, so my apologies. But it did turn out, and I love it. I didn't even know I wanted a case this bright and funky, but now I know I did. You can use the same technique to make a case for your phone, ipod, kindle...

I cut enough oilcloth to be more than I thought I would need. I happened to also have a scrap of cotton quilt batting that I guessed would be wide enough. Using the iPad (or whatever your gadget) I made rough guesses about the height and width with consideration to the thickeness of the iPad and of the cloth and batting. Then I just made a go for it. If your gadget is an iPad then I'll give you the correct dimensions below, hurray!

At the top I created a 1/2" or so seam by folding and taping the cloth to itself. The finished dimension of each side is 8" in height, so you'll need at least 17" of fabric to give yourself this seam. Next, I cut the batting to size and slid it between the fold on each side. Next, pin the fabric together on the far sides, this edge will likely be trimmed off and you save yourself from putting holes in the final piece.

I stitched up the short sides. Stiches are exactly 10" apart. Make sure to back stitch at the ends, and then trim the layers with a rotary blade close to the stitch.

I wanted a piece without any visible stitching so to hold everything in place I first pulled back the batting gently and applied gel super glue to the wrong side of the exterior facing piece. I then used a tooth pick to push the batting to the the edge of the fold: this will attach it to the glue and keep it taut. Let that dry a few minutes then apply another line of super glue to the top of the batting and press your seam down on it. Repeat on the other side and leave under some flat heavy objects to dry for a bit.

When it's dry turn it right-side-out and you're done. The iPad fits really snugly. No one will hear you pull it out and when you spill (or put it in your purse with strawberries) you'll be fine!

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  1. Hi! I just found your blog and subscribed. I love this ipad cover! I'm a total sucker for oilcloth and I LOVE that it looks like you have a bright and cheery reminder of warmer seasons during cold, dead winter :)