Tuesday, August 24, 2010

sewing: ipad case tutorial

Sometimes I really insist on making something myself when it's quite likely that I'd be better off leaving it up to the professionals. For instance, case to protect my iPad investment. There are some quite nice heavy duty ones out there (and they cost heavy duty money). This one is nice, but is not quite heavy duty. And in my mind it's a temporary solution and on my next trip to NYC I'm buying the German felt and making one out of that. But actually this case has really served me well. I carry the iPad with me everywhere I go and throw it in my purse, which is always filled with randomness. Since it's just just two folds and really just about 3 lines of stitching - this is really easy. Instructions after the jump.

The fabric I used was extra waterproof fabric I had already. It's thin, but it's tough and it's the same on the front and the back and the best part is you don't need to finish the edges. I cut a piece larger than I knew I'd need to have room to figure this out; my piece was 9" x 23.5".

On one end I folded a short edge in about an inch and double stitched a top stitch. I used upholstery thread because I wanted it to pop and look tough, but it's thicker than the fabric which makes the underside of your stitch not quite perfect, but quite good enough.

Next, I measured and created the outline for the "envelope". I used a washable fabric marker to draw the lines. The length from the bottom fold to the opening (not the top of the flap) is 9 5/8 inches. The distance seam to seam for the width is 7 3/4 inches. For the fold I believe I just brought corner in an inch or so, use your best judgment to create the angle you want.

Using a rotary blade and straight edge I trimmed each edge about a 1/4 inch away from the stitch.

Voila! This was right after I made it and right when I started thinking about how I should have it close. Originally, I wanted to create the kind of envelope with the circles you wrap the string around but decided I didn't want any pressure points touching my investment so I opted for adhesive velcro, which I generally hate, but works well for this, keeps it closed well, keeps the flap taut and doesn't create any pressure points on the inside.

Like I said earlier, this is working out pretty well, no complaints except that I still feel nervous having something so thin around this. I'll post again if I create a felt case.

PS. I love you, iPad.


  1. Great looking case!! I wish I had an iPad... or something like this to protect my macbook instead of the weird spandex zippery thing that came with it.

  2. Mit der Anleitung werde ich es auch einmal versuchen. Bin gespannt, ob es mir gelingen wird. Sieht jedenfalls ganz schön aus.