Friday, March 19, 2010

Crochet: Beach Rocks

I haven't mentioned crochet here as of yet though I've been increasing obsessing about it for the past few months. It's relaxing and allows me to make up my own way more so than knitting. I first crocheted dozens of small medallions, taped them on my door (what else to do?).

I've moved from medallions to rocks. The only rocks I have are small, white beach rocks I collected from a trip to Rhode Island. They are easy to to finish, I get to make up a different pattern in my head and try it out each time.

Start with a knowledge of crochet stitches (perhaps a more detailed post on this will come later). Work in the round, increasing each round, and after about two or three rounds place it on the rock to test the size. If it is about half the size of the rock, decrease the next round. Fit it on to the rock and begin to decrease each round with it on the rock. You'll have to use your judgement on how much to decrease depending on the size/shape of your rock.

What to do once you have a dozen of these? I'm not sure. But they can go on window sills, in glass jars, atop piles of papers...

Crochet on.

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