Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Blue Velvet Settees

This is a pretty pictures post. The prettiest of pictures are of blue velvet settees. This of course, is just my opinion. It is also my opinion that the best pictures of blue velvet settees are those in dusty, bookish, colonial rooms.

I've recently gotten to this state in my own (here is Elizabeth's) reupholstery project (below). I have a limited budget and a need for seating my my apartment that must be met in a timely manner (she says after having the settee a year) so waiting around for a deal on the perfect blue velvet, no matter how much I love it, isn't an option. Luckily, I came across a dusty olive velvet for quite a deal at Winmill Fabric in Boston. I've got about 7 yards, waiting.

I'm bad at keeping up with the sources of photos. I just drag them on to my desktop and then when that gets full I file them in a folder; sources long forgotten. So all photos, save for the last, are not mine, but I don't know whose they are.


  1. Beautiful photos. I had thought green velvet was my favorite, but maybe not.

    You should try pinterest.com. It's a really neat and easy way of saving and sharing photos that keeps the link active to give credit and a back story to your images!

  2. I just discovered this site and I'm already in love. Thank you!

    1. Interesting post and thanks for sharing. Some things in here I have not thought about before. Thanks for making such a cool post.