Saturday, August 1, 2009

Brimfield Antiques Show

Brimfield is the largest Antiques and Flea Market in the country and lucky for me it's just an hour or so outside of Boston. I made my visit there for July's show. A friend and I Zip Car'd a Honda Element and set off for treasures.

The event lasts from Tuesday to Sunday of its either May, July or September show. There are fields and fields dedicated to the event; each with different names entry fees and opening dates and times. For the most part the show starts early Tuesday morning. A few other fields open a day or two later, an hour or two later and for a buck or five more than free (these fields usually stop charging admission later in the day so hit them on your way out). Parking will only set you back three or five bucks and you'll surely want to save some money for the fair food - and the Del's! People and vendors come from all over the country to sell and buy. Many vendors specialize in what they sell; and you'll find everything from vintage band equipment to Pyrex. I had a great time and plan on going in September as well. Be sure to bring your granny cart and I think it's a good idea too to fill it with those blue Ikea bags you have sitting around. And put on sunblock!

Brimfield Antique Show
Next Show: September 8-13th 2009

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