Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Our names are Jessica and Elizabeth. Thanks for visiting our blog!

We’ve given ourselves a good deal of latitude with the word “agrarian.” In fact, we're using that word however we want – and primarily, we mean made by hand. Jessica’s logic follows like this:
agrarian : industrial :: industrial : handmade
Therefore, agrarian = handmade.

Actually, the title is a quote from a canceled television showOur name is pretty arbitrary.

We shan't proselytize about buying handmade, or advance the aesthetic of indie quirk - crocheted deer heads and the like. We’re two fairly resourceful people who think it’s nice to do things oneself, though sometimes we do them very badly.

The two of us have an interest in making things, as we’re afflicted with decorating ADD, and doing things oneself – refinishing furniture, making a handbag, fixing a good meal, or a bad but ambitious one – is often the fastest and most economical way to change one’s domestic landscape.


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