Monday, July 13, 2009

About Jessica & Elizabeth

Jessica and Elizabeth met at Georgia Tech, in their freshman architecture studio. The pair worked on a project together – the first of several – and, although Elizabeth once made Jessica cry, a friendship formed. They were intermittently roommates, including a stint in Paris during school.

Jessica, a girl from Kathleen, Georgia, now resides way out west, in Oakland, California, where she is a frontend dev at GitHub; making open source awesome and easy. She caught the making-things-with-code bug after her Code for America fellowship. Accordingly, Jessica wrote the markup for this site, and often asked Elizabeth, in vain, “maybe you remember this from school?” Previously Jessica used her architecture degree in her profession.

Elizabeth is from Decatur, Georgia. She recently got her Masters degrees in architecture, as well as urban design and historic preservation, and did not learn code. Elizabeth briefly baked cupcakes for a living, worked for the planning department of a small Georgia city, makes the odd wedding cake or pie for money and favors, and now happily works at an architecture firm.

We’ve given ourselves a good deal of latitude with the word “agrarian.” In fact, we're using that word however we want – and primarily, we mean made by hand.* Jessica’s logic follows like this:
agrarian : industrial :: industrial : handmade

Therefore, agrarian = handmade.

Actually, the title is a quote from a canceled television show. Our name is pretty arbitrary.

We shan't proselytize about buying handmade, or advance the aesthetic of indie quirk - crocheted deer heads and the like. We’re two fairly resourceful people who think it’s nice to do things oneself, though sometimes we do them very badly.

The two of us have an interest in making things, as we’re afflicted with decorating ADD, and doing things oneself – refinishing furniture, making a handbag, fixing a good meal, or a bad but ambitious one – is often the fastest and most economical way to change one’s domestic landscape.

* We know that's not what it means.

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  1. Elizabeth, so glad to have found your blog as well!! It's definitely going to become a regular haunt for me. Incidentally, I'm from Atlanta as well, and I have two sisters who live there now. How did you happen upon my blog?

  2. I visited your blog from the DIY mirror post over at Design*Sponge and I'm so glad I did! Love to find locals who are DIY minded and I'll definitely add you guys to my regular blog list. It'd be great if you added an email subscribe option though...

  3. LOVE your name. I immediately wondered if it came from Arrested Development, and to my delight, it does! :)

  4. Second request for the email subscribe option

  5. Þórhildur (Thorhildur)April 26, 2011 at 2:11 PM

    Love this blog, you are my today's favorite! Found you with
    -Þórhildur, artist in the growing from Iceland :)

  6. hi ladies!

    just stumbled upon your blog and i'm already in love. you've done a lovely job of organizing your site and keeping it elegant at the same time! you've really given me inspiration to keep improving my blog!

    thank you for all you do! i'll be subscribed reader as of today!

  7. as an 18th c scholar, I was disappointed your name is random. as a diy-er I am so glad! thanks.

  8. I love that your blog is named after a quote from Arrested Development. When I came upon it from something on Pinterest, I really hoped it was.

  9. Completely weird that I bumped into your blog through a friend. I am a GTech grad, just back in in San Francisco, working at a large AE firm. Love your posts and very happy to see the GT architecture school (and planning program) still churning out some lovely and talented folks.

    keep up the good work.

  10. As soon as I noticed the name of your blog I was hoping with all my heart it was a Buster Bluth reference. You made my day. I'm already in love!