Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Moving In

Hello, all y'all. It's been a busy, busy few weeks and I haven't done much project-wise, but I do live in a new apartment. So if you'll bear with me, the newest content I can offer is a small tour of a small, basement apartment, two weeks in.

A Neato kitchen floor. I'd also like to point out this fridge has the freezer on the inside and yes, it's frozen over.
B This small bit of brick wall is my favorite thing about the apartment.
C A great nautical map of Newburyport/Plum Island that I got recently at Todd Farm Antique Market.
D All these boxes! Mostly sewing/making supplies.
E So far this seems like the only place for the booze.
F Temporary curtains from 70's calendar tea towels.
G I try to keep my book pile small but it still has no home.
H A week after I technically moved in, I got the rest of my things out of storage and could cook. The first thing I made was this mushroom soup and I've been eating it twice a day for a while now.

It's smaller, phone reception is spotty, light is too - but I like it. I like all the strange jut-outs and I like the white walls (though I loved my grey ones in my old place, too). I like the kitchen floor and I really like my new neighborhood, Audubon Circle.

Hopefully I'll unpack the box of sewing notions soon, I need curtains! Currently, everyone walking to Red Sox games can watch me dance...


  1. Looking good so far. The booze by the bed made me laugh...

  2. I know! Ha. It was the booze or cereal and rice at the foot of the bed. Cabinet space went to cereal.

  3. Congratulations! I hope to be moving into my new apartment as a first time home owner in a few months. Can't wait to follow some of your projects!