Thursday, February 10, 2011

Here and there

A few small things to mention. I hope combined, at least, they are post worthy.

I recently learned a new crochet stitch, front post double crochet, it's a great, thick stitch. So I used it to make a little sweater for my french press. I chain stitched long enough to circle the glass and slip stitched into my first chain. From there I did a row of single crochet, a row of double crochet, a row of single crochet and the finally the front post double crochet is the 4th row and you work it into the double crochet post on the 2nd row. On this fourth row you'll alternate the fpdc with a double crochet into the top of the single crochet on the 3rd row. Repeat these 4 rows until it's as high as you'd like. It's wordier than it is hard.

For the pot holder, I used a wonderful tweed yarn and started a chain and made it about yea-wide (that means pot holder width). Work in the same 4 row pattern as I described above. When it's square and you finish the last row, work two rows of single crochet around the edges and on one corner make a loop.

I made a small table cloth to cover the small round table I have. I used the same technique I describe in this cloth napkin tutorial but I begin with a square that is 23"x23". Whatever the size of the table you're wishing to cover, add three inches to the length and width and follow the same instructions.

Meanwhile, I've been trying to conquer French macaroons. Elizabeth has asked me to post about my trials, I think she likes when I do baking posts the same way that I like (a lot) Steven Seagal movies: so bad it's good. So, coming soon(ish), French macaroons, by a sewer.

Have a great weekend!


  1. This is definitely post worthy! I want to make my husbands Cafetiere a jacket, and am in the early stages of learning crochet, so I may try this when I'm more confident!

    Your table cloth is beautiful too. :)

  2. Your second-to-last sentence makes it sound like someone is preparing cookies adjacent to a wastewater system.

    I look forward to the macaroons, as they turned out beautifully - much like the motion picture "Under Siege."