Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Busy Days

Let's not get started on how fast the year has flown. It is coming to an end, indeed, and with a busy bang. Elizabeth is on vacation (much deserved!) and I'm in the throes of graduate school applications and going on a trip myself, then home for the holidays. I leave Saturday for Austin - I've never been! I couldn't be more excited; Mexican food, thrift stores, music - oh my! Then I'll be in middle Georgia for the holidays and for a brief moment before I head back to New England, Elizabeth and I will get to see each other! Champagne is chilling as we speak, I am sure.

Now, this is all to say, "Sorry!" I've not been the best poster and maker as of late. I'm hoping to squeeze in some projects for gifts in the time between now and my 6am flight on Saturday - fingers crossed. But I thought I could share a bit about what I've been surviving on as a hermit in my apartment writing statement letters and making a portfolio.

Last week I made myself sick on this fantastic sweet potato hummus. I had more sweet potatoes, so last night I sort of made this sweet potato soup. I say sort of because I didn't have all of the ingredients and didn't wan the fuss, so banking on my knowledge of how little it takes to make a "soup" from my cauliflower experience, I caramelized some onions with a bit of ginger and oil, added broth (I love to buy it in the boxes that way I can freeze the left overs and use for times like this), garlic, salt and peper, and 1 1/2 peeled and chopped sweet potatoes (I took the remaining 1/2 and roasted them in chili powder to have on top of sauteed spinach). Cook for about 20 minutes until soft and blend in a blender. Voila, soup. I made the curried apple bit according to the recipe.

Instead of my normal bi-weekly granola mix I made granola bars from Martha Stewart's fantastic cookie iPad app. They are a little drier than I'd hoped (my fault, I'm sure), but I love that they are held together with dates instead of lots of sugar or oil.

Now, to work I go. I hope everyone has a lovely week and is getting everything done that they need to!


  1. This talk about granola bars made me remember one of my own favorite oaty recipes that got me through some challenges of the year - and maybe you should try them out too! :) They are decidedly NOT dry and can be packed with whatever nuts/etc are your favorite: http://www.101cookbooks.com/archives/video-big-sur-power-bars-recipe.html Mmmhm!

  2. Lillie! Thanks! I love 101cookbooks and thought I knew that site like the back of my hand but I haven't seen these, they looks great! I'm going to try them for sure!

  3. *laughs* Okay--

    Do you remember that made for T.V. special about Martha Stewart during the allegations? There's this scene where M.S. is in Walmart, perusing her sheet line and a customer recognizes her, starts up a conversation.

    Customer: I just wanted to tell you love you! But you know, I tried a recipe of yours and it just...never turned out. I tried it again and again and I think there's something wrong with the recipe.

    M.S.: No. You did it wrong.

    Customer: "Uh...no, I don't think I did, I tried it a few times and---"

    M.S.: "NO! You did it wrong!"

    Your quick and humble admission reminds me of that. ^_^