Friday, November 26, 2010

MacAusland's woolen blankets

Do you ever get so excited about something you've bought that you want to tell people about it? This is one of those times. I apologize in advance for gushing, but I've been made giddy by a blanket. It's a gift for someone I love (who luckily doesn't read this blog), and I can't wait to give it to them.

MacAusland's Woolen Mills, on Prince Edward Island, Canada, makes beautiful, fluffy, lofty wool blankets in dozens of beautiful colors and several patterns (though the checkerboard is clearly the best). For those who value provenance, here's something: When you call MacAusland's Woolen Mill, you get a MacAusland on the phone. Here's a neat description of the mill.

MacAusland's weaves its blankets from pure virgin wool, and offers custom sizes and color combinations. Those lucky few who have sheep of their own can send wool for MacAusland's to spin into yarn.

The blankets are really well priced, from about $45 for a very large throw to about $85 for a queen-sized blanket. (Of course, though, keep in mind that shipping from Prince Edward Island to the southern United States doesn't run cheap.)

The blanket might arrive smelling a little of loom oil, and mine still had a few pieces of grass and natural detritus clinging to it. A cold run through the gentle cycle (using Woolite) helped remedy that. Never dry a wool blanket, or you'll end up with felt - just roll it around a couple of beach towels to squeeze out the excess water, and drape it over a bed or a shower curtain to dry.

A warning to those trying to coordinate colors in a cool-hued, white-toned house: MacAusland's "natural white" is completely unbleached, and more like ecru than white.

Would it be unreasonable to reupholster my settee with one of these blankets? Maybe I'll post a new upholstery DIY.


  1. Why aren't there dust bunnies and bobby pins under your furniture? Is that just me?

  2. PS. If you re-upholster another settee before me I'll have to do something drastic. Come up here, I'll feed you and let you swim in champagne if you help me actually finish mine.

  3. I WANT. THAT BLANKET. I have a huge, serious weakness for almost any wool blanket, but that one is... oh, so nice. I'm sure this mysterious recipient will love it!

  4. Isn't it lovely, Dan? I want to live under it.
    Jessica, that champagne situation sounds pretty good. Let's see if the TSA will let me carry on my webbing stretcher and curved needles.

    Happy Thanksgiving from the magical land of Isle of Palms!

  5. That is a beautiful woolen blanket and I am sure the recipient will appreciate it in that cold land in which he currently resides.

  6. When I was twelve my family took a trip to PEI and while there my Dad bought my sister and I each a MacAusland blanket. It is a lovely soft warm blanket to this day. I hadn't really thought about the place or the mill (which I don't really remember) until now.

  7. Just wanted to let you know that I ordered a MacAusland blanket for my mother in law for Christmas because of your blog. It's lovely and I intend to buy one for each upcoming birthday for other loved ones. Beautiful blanket and thanks for the information! Carmen

  8. Carmen -
    I'm so glad to hear that! This one went to my brother, who lives overseas, and I can think of many more loved ones who would enjoy them. Maybe it will become a gift-giving tradition for me, too!

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  10. I know this is a super old post - but if you get this comment, do you recall what colour/pattern this throw was? I love it!! Thanks :-)