Saturday, October 23, 2010

Is this one of those Happy Weekend posts?

Perhaps. The week has flown by and I think the weekend will too so I don't have much to offer but this shot of Boston from my window, taken this morning. This is overlooking Marlborough Street toward the Common and the buildings in the far are Downtown. I love Boston. So does my friend Devin, he just wrote about the neighborhood he lives in, Charlestown (have you seen The Town yet?). Whether it's better than Back Bay; I think not, friend!

This weekend I'm busy working on grad school apps but I'm squeezing in time tonight for chili with my wonderful friend Nina - I'll be bringing this orange cake from Sweet Paul, a fantastic food e-zine. This week I made the white bean and kale soup from the same issue, I had to eat it for about 9 meals but I enjoyed every one of them.

Next week I predict I'll finally get the post on baking tin can cakes together and possibly another small post here or there. We'll shall see!

As they say, have a great weekend!


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