Tuesday, September 28, 2010

small collections: blue & indigo patterned plates

This is a very small collection, but it's new and growing! I'm on the hunt for patterned plates in blues and indigos. As usual I am mostly thrifting them - makes it a more valuable (though not monetarily) collection for me. It becomes a journey; when you're on the hunt and a collection comes together slowly and each find is exciting and memorable. I buy what I like and then Google it up when I get home to see if it's a real treasure - one I can take to Antiques Roadshow one day. So far, not that much luck, but I've got a lovely group regardless.

The bottom plate I did buy on its own, new - I loved it and it was $3. The top three plates were all bought for 50 cents to a dollar a piece and I have a few of each. The middle two plates are the best of the bunch and though they aren't highly valuable they are being sold online at vintage shops on Ebay and Etsy, their marks shown below.

So this is it for now, but the hunt continues!

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  1. Google "├žini plates" I think you may like them too. The key word is ├žini (turkish cultural motives..) and then you can write plates, vases, jewelry, etc...