Monday, August 2, 2010

One Night

The other night was a night of making. It was also a night of testing out a new lighting set-up with my camera and tripod.

I made pickles and cheese straws from Smitten Kitchen. Happy Birthday, Dad!

I made the mini pies from this recipe (indeed one has the great Commonwealth of Massachusetts on it!). This is the second or third time I've made them, and I think it's one of the best ideas I've found. The one with the flags was for my friend Holly (she's fantastically fantastic). The flags are just Japanese masking tape folded in half over a tooth pick. With an Exacto-knife, cut off one point of the tooth pick, fold the tape in half and cut out a triangle from the end of the tape.

The plums and blueberries for the pies are from the BPMA's farmers market. They're trying to get a year-round space in Boston; check out their new video and spread the word (PS, I do some work for this group - they're great)!

The soup is tomato soup with a poached egg and toast from Martha's Whole Living - I'm an egg-on-toast devotee and variety enthusiast.

It was a full night.








  1. Nights of making are the best ones, and you chose good things to make! Next week, I will be pickling things like a mad woman!

  2. I love the tiny pie idea, and will probably be stuffing blueberry-peach pies into my 3 remaining 4-ounce canning jars tonight.
    Thanks for finding such a great idea! And for making me want to make cheese straws. Yummmm! :)

  3. What did you add to the tomato soup? Yours looks fantastic. Do I see kale in there?