Tuesday, August 17, 2010

garden concupiscence

Yes, I realize this post's title smacks of thesaurus-dependency, but I'm sick of reading the word "lust" in blogs. Also this: "I'm really loving ___ right now."

On to the (very minor, frivolous) point at hand: Here in Georgia, even this momentary cold front hasn't kept the highs below 90, and I'm itching for anything that will make it feel cooler. A really great garden, drenched in shade and dripping in lush greens, will do just that. Here are some gardens I'd like to permanently occupy.

The first four images are from Mount Pleasant, South Carolina. These yards were all incredibly tailored, with mature boxwood hedges and small lawns.

These last two are from two adjacent properties in the Virginia Highlands neighborhood of Atlanta. I'm really not doing the first one justice; there's a beautifully sculptural holly tree on the right, and little fountain that makes the whole world feel ten degrees cooler. I chanced upon this garden at night once, and I could have just taken up residency on the porch.

This second one from Virginia Highlands is really all about those gorgeous topiaries, which I love, because I'm an old lady, and I was meant to live in France. I've got to work on that.


  1. Beautiful gardens, but those aren't gerunds, my friend! A gerund is a verbal noun (e.g., reading is my favorite hobby, learning another language is delightful, etc.). You're talking about participles!

  2. You're right, Jodi! I've taken it out entirely to avoid making more of a fool of myself. Thanks for the help!