Sunday, July 25, 2010

food: watermelon 3 ways

I'm one person and I am who I live with (I'm my favorite roommate so far!) (co-blogging company excluded) (and you too, Kathy) (and you too, Julie). So, making food and not getting sick of it after eating six portions of it, or having it go bad if heaven forbid you don't eat it back-to-back-to-back is a struggle. And I have as-of-yet unrealized fantasies of really cleverly conquering this challenge. But every now and then I act in a way that leaves me feeling a bit proud. Now, this is by no means clever. In fact, I see it more like, "Wow, this should really always be your baseline way of thinking - but well done, anyways!"

The most critical part of this was not buying an entire watermelon. Not only will I have less to have to eat but it is much easier to carry home. I bought a half of a medium-sized water melon and did the following:

1 Watermelon Sorbet I used about half of the watermelon for this, and cut it into cubes, soaked in simple syrup and will freeze. Later I will toss it in a food processor with a bit of water and make a frosty sorbet-esque treat.
2 Spiked Watermelon Bites I took half of the remaining half and cut into cubes as well. I then drizzled a bit of simple syrup and Campari over these. Refridgerate and have yourself a cool happy hour treat after a humid walk home from work.
3 Watermelon Slices Simple. Sliced the remaining quarter into thin slices for general snacking at work.

I've now got three different ways to eat a managable portion of something. May this not be the last time I think in what should be my baseline way of thinking ...


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