Sunday, July 18, 2010

Brimfield - Summer

I went to Brimfield Saturday. This was my first Saturday visit, I usually go during the week. It was also my first July visit. It was so much smaller - so much smaller that we probably covered 90% of the fields and went from end to end. But, it's still Brimfield which at its largest is an unimaginable large - this was a very real, imaginable large. Talking to folks we found out that it's the heat that keeps vendors and visitors away during the July show and our heat has really been something lately. But I'm from Middle Georgia, so it ain't no thang to me.

I bought two more picnic blankets, for no other reason than true love. I love their weight, the linen of the pastel one and the deep blue of the check. I'm thinking of ways to turn them into blankets/throws for chilly nights. I bought two Royal Albert tea cups, one with a floral pattern to add to my 3 cup collection, and one with a french blue and gold inside that makes me feel lucky to have found - and they were just 50 cents each! As were the two small blue plates! I bought some bias tape, 3 for $1, some blue beads for a big, bold necklace that's floating around in my head, an impeccably made crochet doily (hope this inspires me to do my own) and finally 3 more silver plated salad forks for my collection.

Some more show photos after the jump.


I know Elizabeth would love to rescue these!

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