Sunday, June 20, 2010

places: Boston Farmers Markets

Tis the season! Here in Boston, when it's the season - it's on. Antique markets, outside cafes, picnics at one of many parks, kayaking or sailing on the Charles, train rides to beaches... and farmers markets. The farmers markets in Boston are wonderful. There are many, many throughout the city and Brookline, Cambridge (yes, these are not the City of Boston), and Somerville. You can find a list of all the farmers markets in Massachusetts here. But I wanted to take a moment to highlight some of the ones most local and dear to me which are those in Boston proper. The markets, for the most part, operate on different days of the work-week so there is usually one up and running at one of these locations.

City Hall Farmes Market

This is the most important to me as I work at City Hall. This year the City Hall Farmers Market is run by the Boston Public Market Assoc. (this is the great organization working on securing a year-round indoor market in the city) - and this means great things for me - or really just that now When Pigs Fly bread is even that more accessible to me. When Pigs Fly is a small bread operation started in York, Maine and now with a few locations here in Boston. Their varieties of bread are amazing and they are always happy to let you sample - so do! My weekly get is the 6-grain Pumpkin Seed, but sometimes I shake it up with a multigrain or another savory bread (like the Potato Garlic or the Red Pepper Hummus or the Black Bean - oh my!) My vice is when I fall prey to the temptation of the sweet breads. Now, there is nothing wrong with getting the sweet breads - they are amazing - but I prefer to do so when I have someone or someones else in mind to share it with me. Most often though I get it and eat it in days by myself. The Chocolate bread seems to deny bread physics. It's somehow both bread and a brownie - makes for amazing ice cream sandwiches and toasted with peanut butter - don't even get me started (oh, snap). The market is Monday and Wednesdays from 11 to 6 pm.

Copley Square Farmers Market

This is the second most important to me as I live 3 blocks from here. The Copley Square farmers market is on Tuesdays and Fridays and is the largest in the area. You'll find many venders here with a wider array of vegetables, produce, baked goods than at the other farmers markets. There are also more flower vendors and one that lets you build your own bouquet by the stem.  Siena Farms sells at this market and you can also pick up things from Sofra (and it's famed chefs/owners). There is also often a man singing old standards outside of the market and lemonade carts, so, duh.  The market is from 11 - 6:30pm

Dewey Square Farmer's Market

This market is also run by the Boston Public Market Association. Dewey Square is the plaza right in front of South Station on the Red Line of the subway - super convenient for many working in the Seaport, Downtown, Chinatown, Financial District areas. Dewey Square is also a part of the Rose Kennedy Greenway so you can enjoy a lovely stroll before and/or after your trip. New to Dewey Square, I'm excited to tell, is a Clover Food Truck, I recently visited their Kendal Square, Cambridge location and found everything I'd heard to be true. The menu changes seasonally and the food is local and fresh, organic when possible and there are refreshing teas and rosemary fries. Rosemary Fries. Heaven. Their Dewy Square location is open for breakfast and soon to be open until 8pm and possibly even on weekends. I considered doing an entire post just on Clover. I still may!


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