Saturday, April 17, 2010

Todd Farm Antiques

Glory be, it's flea market season in New England!

Todd Farm Antiques is a mere 30 miles outside of the city and it takes no time to get there - no time to get to the lovely farmside of the North Shore.

The market is open once a week on Sundays starting at 5am. Be sure to check the field conditions on the website before you go to ensure you wear the proper footware.

There are two large fields of vendors, a barn, and an old house as well. There are food vendors in the field and a little coffee shop in the house with homemade doughnuts. Please try the coconut!

When you're done stop by the Agawam diner for lunch. Have a milkshake and a fig bar and revel in your treasures and the fun of the trip to the North Shore. Why not even drive a few miles more and hit the beach at Ipswitch?

Hurray to the season!

Todd Farm Flea Market
Route 1A, Main Street
Rowley, MA 01969

Sunday April 11th - November 28th, 2010
5 AM - 3 PM


  1. I just came across your blog today by a link on Casey's Elegant Musings and lo and behold you have a post on Todd's Flea Market. I was there this morning for the first time! It was pretty rained out, but I still came out with a book and some sewing patterns. I'm actually just visiting Boston for the week and it was a spur of the moment kind of thing to come up to the flea market. This totally makes my day.

  2. I actually almost went today, too! I've had my share of rainy day disappointments there so I watched the weather hour by hour and finally decided not to go. I went instead to the indoor Cambridge Antique Market (a post about it here, I also ended up going to the SOWA Market in Boston's South End - I'll post about that soon. If you're in town until next Sunday check it out, but Cambridge Antique Market is open all week so you should definitely check it out while you're here!

  3. Sadly I'm already back in Kansas, where there aren't any cool flea markets as far as I know. We were originally planning on going to SOWA before we had the invite to check out Todd's. I look forward to your post, it's so great to read blogs that are really focused on their geographic location.