Saturday, April 3, 2010

Crochet: For Your Lapel

Inspired by the adorned lapels directly above (from the Sartorialist and Emersonmade) I created my own (most above). Hopefully one doesn't have to be a dashing man to pull it off. Instructions follow.

What you'll need:

  • Small bit of red crochet thread
  • Small bit of white crochet thread
  • Spare button
  • Needle for hiding crochet thread
  • Scissors

You'll first create the two motifs.

THREAD: size 10 crochet thread
HOOK: 8/1.50mm


Ch 5, sl st into first ch.
Ch 2, this is your first dc.
Dc 9 more times, sl st into top of first dc.
*Ch 3, sc into next stitch.* Repeat until you have completed the round, sl st to finish.
Use a needle to slip your tails into the work and trim them closely.

*leave yourself a good 4-5 inches of a starting and ending tail*
Ch 4, sl st into first ch.
Ch, 8 hdc, sl st into top of first hdc.
Ch, *sc, ch* until you complete the round, sl st to finish.
Use a needle to thread your end tail to the center to meet your starting tail.


First stack the two motifs, pull the small motif's tails through the center of the large motif.
Next, thread the tails through a two-hole button.
Cross the tails over and send the back through the button from the top side to the back side. 
Wrap the tails around in the space between the motifs and the buttons, this accomodates for the thickness of the lapel.
Lastly, use a needle to thread them back through the wrap and tie them off, or tie them off in anyway you see fit.

Now you're done. Now you're dashing!


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