Monday, April 12, 2010

I love quatrefoils


I have a soft spot for quatrefoils, although I've never really used them in decorating or dressing myself. I do believe that's about to change.

1. 'Tini tables, 2. Alexander Girard "Quatrefoil," 3. Ballard headboard, 4. Veronese's Adoration of the Magi, 5. inklore pillow slip

Quatrefoils have been used widely since the Middle Ages, when they were used in religious art and architecture as a variation of the Christian cross, or represented the evangelists Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John with their four leaves. They appear in, among other artifacts, medieval tracery, Renaissance stonework, and Baroque painting. Quatrefoils also conjure exotic locales with a whiff of Moorish flavor.

A quatrefoil may appear as a clover shape with well-defined leaves, with shallow leaves, or as a square overlapping a clover.

And today, they're all over home decor and apparel!

1. Casablanca*, 2. luckylovely Quatrefoil Necklace, 3. Hickory Chair Alexandra side chair, 4. Ca d'Oro, Venice, 5. Calico Corners Bocce fabric

*Okay, so I couldn't find a still with any quatrefoil motif, but you can bet they're all over Rick's Café.

1. The Love gardens at the Chateau Villandry, Loire Valley, 2. Tiffany Keys Quatrefoil pendant (this style discontinued), 3. Quatrefoil table lamp, 4. Ballard Bone Mirror

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  1. I love quatrefoils too! Stella & Dot has a good quatrefoil necklace as well...